About Skåne European Office

Skåne European Office represents the Skåne region in Brussels. We promote growth and development in Skåne by enhancing the region’s visibility and facilitating cooperation between our region and other European regions and relevant actors. We contribute to our region’s understanding of ongoing EU processes and a ensure a deepened awareness of the upsides of EU cooperation. This way we promote an active participation in interregional cooperation and relevant EU policy processes.

The Regional Development Strategy and the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Skåne Region outline the main priority areas for regional development and provide the basis for our EU-engagement. However, a good share of our priorities is also guided by the dynamic EU policy agenda and by upcoming initiatives of particular interest to the region. In this sense, Skåne European Office plays an important advisory role on EU matters of strategic relevance for long term regional development.

Main priority areas

Skåne European Office follow policy developments and promote European cooperation and partnerships within several policy areas, mainly:

  • Research and innovation
  • Health and healthcare
  • Industry and business
  • Environment and climate
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Culture policy and cultural and creative industries

Apart from this thematic orientation, we engage in cross-sectoral EU cooperation, such as the development of a research and innovation eco-system around The European Spallation Source (ESS) and The MAX IV Laboratory; two world leading large-scale research infrastructures being established in our region. We monitor long-term policy initiatives and processes, such as The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the Multiannual Financial Framework and the up-coming negotiations for the post 2020 EU budget.

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