Culture and Cultural and Creative Industries

Region Skåne’s cultural strategy and the regional development strategy “Det öppna Skåne 2030” inform our work in Brussels. We are now focusing especially on collaboration across sectors for cultural and creative industries as well as cultural heritage.

Skåne European Office provides guidance and advice concerning EU policy and international collaboration for the regional government, as well as other organisations, incubators, and more. Skåne is home to a large gaming and film industry, and is constantly working to enable innovative ways to collaborate across policy areas. One example is the joint strategy for culture and health, which was drafted and signed by both the health and the culture committee.

In Brussels, we are part of the Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity network, comprising around 30 regions, and together with two other regions leading the work in the ERRIN network’s Design and Creativity working group. We also collaborate with the EU offices of our Danish and German neighbours in the STRING network.


Jakob Kroon

Jakob Kroon

Culture, Infrastructure, Climate

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