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The main focus of Skåne’s work in Brussels is currently on Smart Specialisation and the Vanguard Initiative, of which the Skåne region has been a proud member since the early days of the network. The Vanguard Initiative currently consists of 30 European regions and aims to stimulate industrial modernisation in its participating regions, mainly through a more effective deployment of new technologies and the creation of interregional value chains.

Within the Vanguard Initiative, regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) are used as a basis to connect the participating regions with complemebtary strengths within well-defined technology domains (pilots). Skåne, together with the Tampere region, are leading one of the five pilot activities, aiming at connecting nanotechnology industries in ten European regions by establishing a network of shared and easily accessible facilities for the industry.


Michael Johnsson

Michael Johnsson

Industry and Business Policy
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